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Planning the perfect trip? Here are4 proven ways.

Planning that perfect trip can be a fun, and rewarding experience too if everything goes as planned and there are no nasty surprises. A nasty surprise is finding out that a review is fake and a room had no window as the online photo suggested.  The closed curtain when pulled back did not reveal a window. There was some construction work on the property. I could go on and on. But I think you get the point. Fake online reviews present a real challenge, don’t they? Most of us, depend on reviews to make buying decisions. The proven steps for planning the perfect dream vacation. Step 1. Watch out for vague descriptions and misleading imagery of holiday rentals.   Fish-eye lens photography must be the “worst” as they often make an image look a lot nicer and more panoramic than in reality. Planning in a rush makes one miss these…

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