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“We hung our harps on the willows…” is a quote from the psalmist. Want to read the full verse here? What did they then do after they hung the harps? I know what one thing I would hang up. Actually, three things I’d hang up. On the willows! The first is television. I simply forget every other thing. Hours later, I see what tasks I’d complete if I wasn’t so engrossed in the tube. So, I would much rather read a book or go dancing. The second is clutter. They take up all that space in a room and in one’s head many times. I’d hang up clutter so that I can see my priorities better. It would serve me to pick up DIY, and self-education. Of course! harp Lastly, I’d hang up the “keeping up with the Joneses” game. You know, following the lemming if you will. Watching a…

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