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A tale of ten thousand euros is about winning. It all started with one child and a woman wishing to learn to read and write. A tale about winning The opportunity of teaching literacy skills, free of cost to learners, was a rewarding experience, and witnessing the transformation and confidence that comes with learning and mastery felt good. Soon, the class grew as girls of varying ages joined. There was a handful of boys, which, I suppose was alright too. The need for more resources to manage the growth was clear at this point. “Achievement is no hocus-pocus. It is focus, focus.” Ana C. Antunes So, we could try to seek out funding. A tale of winning I remember the email notification of a funding opportunity for art, education, and technology-based initiatives. To know that we met the requirements was reassuring.  I also remember the excitement of knowing our application…

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We all want to know who’s winning at a game we find interesting. We all have our battles. Whether we win or lose may largely be due to activities behind the scenes. The story of Israel in 1 Samuel chapters 4 and 5 comes to mind. They had won battles, conquered armies and had quite a reputation as a result. So reading the account about their resounding defeat from the Philistine army was tough. Thousands lay dead. When one suffers, do we not all suffer since we are all connected in the great circle of life? What had gone wrong then? Had Israel taken victory for granted or is this just a case of “bad” stuff happening to “good” people? There didn’t seem to be any apparent reason for the loss. So, it may be in what is not easily seen. Had God deserted them? Reading further, we discover that…

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