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Welcome to our store for the best essential oils finely crafted for the wellness enthusiast.

My essential oil journey began after I discovered all that one could do with coconut oil to stay healthy. Yes! That I could shave unwanted hair without bruising my skin was freeing and a relief. What joy to see my hair I affectionately call Dulce, meaning ‘sweet’ in Spanish, grow in length. Amazing also it was to know coconut oil helps to keep teeth and gums clean and are perfect deodorants.  Heck, I did not need to use the deodorant/antiperspirant I’d been using prior to this discovery! Consequently, I can redirect that deodorant cost elsewhere. Great! I could no longer go back to using regular colognes as a result. So many benefits! It could not be helped. My interest in plant-based oils grew. Enter essential oils!

No regrets so far I must tell you.

Are you an alternative health and wellness fan? Essential oils have been used as alternative medicines for centuries for their healing properties.

They are aromatic oils and have the plant’s essence they are crafted from. Use them as gifts and souvenirs. We stock the best oils at our store. Order them for your special events. Thanksgiving, Mother’s Day, and Christmas. Use the oils as perfumes and colognes alongside their many other uses if you learn how to use them properly.

Do you want to learn more about essential oils and how to test for authenticity? Here are quick facts that the wellness buff needs to know.

get our 100% pure essential oils

Smell and feel great with our 100% natural essential oils specially crafted for the elegant and discerning. Get the unique opportunity to make our oils yours with your signature look. With a purchase, you support our cause to give hope for living to an abandoned single mother or orphan. Will you be a part of the effort towards providing the stability and confidence they need to live happier lives?

What are your best oils and why? What are your go to essential oils? How do you use these oils? I’d love to learn your journey with these aromatic oils, another one of mother nature’s best gifts to us.

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