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Five Advice We Give But Rarely Use

Five Advice We Give But Rarely Use

I read about a man who loved to walk barefoot. Problem was he had diabetes and could get gangrene from an infected cut. He angrily threw out a pair of slippers he got as a gift when advised to use them, because he felt that was controlling and hated to be told what to do. As you probably can predict, one foot did get amputated.

There is something about living on the edge that can sometimes be appealing to the human mind. We are such complex beings after.

Without doubt, there are a lot more, but here are my list of five types of advice we give but rarely use, and maybe you can relate.

Be On Time.

Use Common Sense.

The Easy Path is Not Always the Right One. (Oh how I wish it always was.)

Listen, Really Listen Before Speaking.

To Be Truly Excellent at Anything, You Have To Learn to Like the Routine.

Here is a question. Should we stop giving advice to one another because we do not often use them? I think not. There are many voices and distractions, good advice however, will cut through them all. Good deeds yield positive fruit and this is the stuff of advice.

Also, while advice may be freely given, it may have cost someone something at some point in their life before they gained the understanding that they share. Therefore, advice is not cheap. Thankfully, Not all free things are cheap. Some are gold.

Picture of gold bars
Good advice is precious like gold

Can you think of any advice that you sometimes ignore, even if you might give it? Share your thoughts in the comment section.

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