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On the Willows!

On the Willows!

“We hung our harps on the willows…” is a quote from the psalmist.
Want to read the full verse here?

What did they then do after they hung the harps?

I know what one thing I would hang up. Actually, three things I’d hang up.

On the willows!

On the willows!

The first is television. I simply forget every other thing. Hours later, I see what tasks I’d complete if I wasn’t so engrossed in the tube. So, I would much rather read a book or go dancing.

The second is clutter. They take up all that space in a room and in one’s head many times. I’d hang up clutter so that I can see my priorities better. It would serve me to pick up DIY, and self-education. Of course!



Lastly, I’d hang up the “keeping up with the Joneses” game. You know, following the lemming if you will.
Watching a compadre closely, just to do what they do, or buy what they buy? No! Self-improvement and lighting a path are preferable. Thank you.
Doing the right thing has its rewards. Nice girls and boys do finish first. They get ahead too.

Final thoughts!

The willow tree.
Elegant, beautiful, and helpful for the environment, I really should not dump my trash on it…

Ah, and now, I hope the folks in the psalms took back their harps to make music under the willows; by flowing streams, and maybe under the stars too.

Speaking of DIY, I’d consider a signature perfume from natural herbs and scents. Eco-friendly, nothing heavy or over-powering. Hmm, I am excited just thinking about it.
Should be easy right? If I muddle it up, I would be sure to learn something.

Will you do the ‘pick up’ and “drop off” as well?
Dropping the old, no-longer-serving habit for a new and productive one, is the way to go, right?


Yes! It’s remarkable how many ‘must haves'” loose their value when you are in a crunch! A crunch can be something like, finding yourself in another country. Suddenly you discover so many things you took for granted, like your favourite brands in the grocery store or your family gatherings, or favourite church.

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