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Cheerleaders at a sports event usually have one goal.To cheer their squads to victory. It may even look like their team is losing, but still they cheer.  They know to not give up until the final whistle. It is not over until it is over; so they clap, dance, perform outstanding routines, chant catchy phrases, entertain and motivate spectators to join in cheering the team to victory. A cheerleader knows that a cheerful spirit is everything that a broken spirit isn’t. They do a good job using words so skillfully. “Stronger than steelHotter than the sunJohnnie (player’s name) won’t stop‘til he gets the job done!” “Rockets, stand up!We are fast and got the game.Rockets, here to winSay it loudGo Rockets, go!” We all could use some cheer and our words and affirmations have power to fire us up to win life’s challenges. “I can do all things through Christ that…

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