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Dynamic and driven!

Dynamic and driven!

Dynamic, driven, achieving set goals and full of zest for living. Is there any other way to live?

Simon amazed folks, great and small, with his magic. He was a rich and respected man in the community. Then one day, a certain Philip waltzed into town with a new and compelling message. Many including Simon, embraced this life-transforming message.  Philip and his company demonstrated so much power, that Simon followed them around.

Eventually, drawn to the power, Simon offered money for some of it. Perhaps, he was thinking about the “good, old days” in which he’d captured hearts and purses through magic performances. Perhaps, he could go back and make money?
Isn’t it in the heart where things really start?

“Down, tiger! Your heart is all wrong. What we offer is free. Freely we received.” just about sums up the response he got.
See, Simon’s heart had slipped to the old and familiar. He didn’t know it.
The old may be comfortable but it also takes us steps back, when all we want is to reach for new heights. There’s a reason we walked away in the first place, yes?

dynamic and driven

for the dynamic.

Isn’t it lucky, for Simon, that he was cautioned and he listened? Lucky, to learn that magic may come at a cost but this gift is free. All the world’s wealth couldn’t pay for it.

Fortunate is the one who gets a warning to beware of danger, of missing the way, before it is too late. We all need a Peter or Paul to warn of danger. Hopefully, we are able to listen like Simon did.

Want to read the full account here and share notes? Or maybe, just be dynamic and driven to help someone find their way this week? Ciao!


Ohhhhh, Naomi! You have just illustrated exactly what l learnt! There are 3 ways to get what you want: 1) Be intimidating and force your way
2) Manipulate others with sweet talk or fear
3) Build loving relationships and reach your goals in a way that benefits all involved.

I especially enjoyed the entertainment value of this story, as well as the moral lesson it offers. Truly lovely I must say!

Thanks for your well and sweet note 📝 givens I just learn a moral lesson from it my dear, time to time hope to hear more like this 😍😍😎

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