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Choose a Good Name!

Choose a Good Name!

A quote by George Carlin in Brain Droppings attests to the fact that a good name is desirable.

There are women named Faith, Hope, Joy, and Prudence. Why not Despair, Guilt, Rage, and Grief?

George Carlin

Indeed, why not? Easy! Names stick and we want to get them right. Why bear the name “Despair” and not “Hope”?
“Guilt” sounds depressing already, doesn’t it?

SASH-T, sent in this account of a choice she made a few years ago. I imagine that it couldn’t have been an easy one to make.  Choosing right in the face of overwhelming situations is often, not convenient.  But she was rewarded as we will see. Her story, I hope, encourages someone who might be facing something similar. I share it below.




I was following up on my application for a job and this is what the then acting director hesitantly asked me. “Did the director have a problem with you?” Innocently, I said “No”.
It may interest you to know that the director who I will call YZ in this write-up was the father of a respectable young friend of mine, JZ. He boldly wrote on my form, “not to be processed”. What? Suddenly, I recalled our last conversation and I understood.
He had blatantly blurted out what he had told me previously, “if you agree to be my wife, you wouldn’t have to work at all.”
And as saucy as I could have been, I had retorted, “that will be the worst thing you could do to me.” And so, I lost that opportunity but I moved on.

I kept knocking on other doors and about a year and a half later, one good door unexpectedly opened. I had a job that gave me a great deal of professional experience I would need for the rest of my life.

Choose a good name!

A good name takes preparation.

Meeting Mrs. YZ

About ten years after, something interesting happened. I was told that I had a call from a different unit at work. Both my eyebrows perked up when I heard the caller’s name. If others noticed this behind my lenses, I cannot tell, but I hoped they read no meaning into that. It was Mrs. YZ and she wanted to talk to me.
Sorry, I didn’t mention it earlier, but I got to know that Mrs. YZ worked in the same institution as me through her son, JZ. So, I didn’t hesitate to see her and we had a great chat when we met. Her son had also mentioned me to her. She was happy to have met me! How proud I felt that I had done the right thing a few years prior. I can’t help but wonder how awkward things may have turned out if I had done differently.
To quote the wise king Solomon, “a good name is better than good oil.”


Someone rightly said, “truth rises to the top.” Like cream! Isn’t that the truth?!

Sometimes, we learn a good story behind a name. Other times, not so good ones and we have to give thought to good places to start like in WHAF IF?.


Thanks for posting this story. For me, it gives me that reminder to do what’s right even when no one is looking. I sincerely hope someone gets encouraged somehow.

Many will be encourage by this courageous act, indeed. Taking such a stance is usually encountered at an early stage of life for many women. That’s what makes this experience even remarkable.

An inspiring story told so beautifully. The “easy” path isn’t always the best one.

Thank you for sharing.
It’s difficult in the present economy of things to choose a good name in preference to the other option, which is most times money or other material rewards, especially when the society doesn’t appreciate “a good name”. But this is for those who look up to you, as well as accountability to your Creator.

I have been blessed by your write-up. God bless the young lady for holding her ground. Thank you very much for sharing.

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